Things You Should Do For Yourself At Least Once A Year

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 Year in year out, you give your best to certain things. When things don’t work, in the long-run, you feeling disappointed. You then fail to make life count for yourself. Enough is enough! It is time you added value to your life. It is time to roll the up the past and move on. Here are things you should do at least once a year to make life worthwhile.

1.) Make a list of most difficult challenges that you overcame.

Since challenges come and go, it does not mean they cannot re-occur. When you have all the past ones listed down, it would be easier to re-overcome. Why would it? Simple, you would be looking at the past ones you waded through. As you do that, you’ll be telling the current ones that you will reign above them as well.

2.) Get out there, take a long trip, think of it as a pilgrimage.

Treating yourself to a single long trip is as good as medicine. Just think of a destination or get an event to make up for. Better still, you can opt for a car ride, take a flight, book a train and get as far as your imaginations can take you. So long as you get away from the normal hullabaloo just do it. A better idea would be a cross country exploration. Go see the horizon and please touch it.

4.) Treat yourself to the favorite oldie tunes and tracks.

You will never find something as pleasing as this. Oh my, the nostalgia attached to the “good young days”. Nothing compares to them. Feel the relaxing, soothing and scintillating tunes flowing right into your nerves. If you can dance along, go ahead! Allow your tasks to rhyme with the beats, and your blood to flow with the rhythm. Believe you me, it is a heavenly feeling!

5.) Reformat everything around you, change and counter-change your room set-up until it pleases you.

Sometimes the emotional attachment you hitherto had with your room dwindles. Everything around may look too normal and somewhat boring. Do not be hesitant to have all that re-ordered. Get up on your feet, pull, push, re-fix, re-locate, re-position, get every stuff moving. Create more space! Get back the energy you once had within. Whether it is the furniture, TV set, shoe rack, get them moving.

6.) Get down to self-introspection, reflect on those things that you feel you haven’t had enough of.

Whether it is love, romance, sense of appreciation, name them. Lay strategy on on how best you’re going to dish them out to others. Though you feel you didn’t have enough of them, you still have to let them flow. Maybe you haven’t been giving enough of that to people around you. Remember, the law of nature allows you to get just what you can give!

7.) Subscribe to stuff that makes life more fun, easier, and worthwhile.

Currently technology makes everything a lot simpler. Shipments are free and faster. You can get lots of small things that spice up your life on daily basis. Just figure them out! Whether you would love magazines, books, periodicals and the likes. In fact, structurally, there are numerous ways to make life a lot easier.

8.) Wipe out all elements of negativity associated with your past.

Get them all over with. Clean your wardrobe, get rid of them from your tablet, phone, laptops, and the likes. Check your drawers, coat-pockets or any other closet and empty all the crap. Clear your phone book of unnecessary contacts. If possible, get a new phone, with only the indispensable contacts. Donate off all the memory-bound clothes in a far place of choice.

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