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How To Have A Great Wedding Ceremony Program That Rocks!

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The very first thing that your guests are going to look at while they sit down at your marriage ceremony will most probably be your wedding ceremony program. As the stars of the wedding ceremony, you always have the freedom to be classic, creative or even funny as you desire. But due to the fact that the cost of a marriage ceremony can be very expensive nowadays, you always have the option of creating your very own wedding program. In this article, we will mention the best wedding program ideas and also how to create a program yourself.

What should you include in a wedding program?

Prior to starting creating your personal wedding program, you must be aware of the particular elements which are usually included in a marriage ceremony program. At first you need to be mindful that the wedding ceremony programs are actually the fundamental guidelines of exactly what will take place during the wedding ceremony. Always feel free to make it as individualized and personal as you wish.

  1. Cover: This will be the introduction as well as welcome for the wedding guests. It must include the date of the marriage ceremony, the couple’s name as well as the time and location. A picture or some other visual elements can also be included in order to make the program more attractive.
  2. Wedding ceremony order of events
  3. Names of the musicians, officiates, wedding planners, etc.
  4. The list of events which will take place during the ceremony.
  5. Names of the wedding party.
  6. The list of the prayers, readings, songs, exchange of vows, recessional music, etc.


Popular wedding ceremony program ideas


In case you would like to make your guests think, then it is prudent to make a crossword puzzle inspired marriage program. Several fun facts can be included regarding the bride as well as the groom along with some facts about the wedding party in general.


Think of using a chalkboard for displaying a large wedding ceremony program at the entrance of the ceremony in case you don’t like the idea of conventional printed programs. Chalkboards are actually quite nostalgic for many individuals and even can add a creative and fun element to the wedding.


In case you visited Pinterest recently, you might have seen those bridal party illustrations which are well-known designs for the wedding programs. Nevertheless, virtually any sort of fun classic design or logo will work too.


Many individuals nowadays plan destination weddings. In case you are one of them, it is imperative to consider a travel-inspired passport style for the wedding ceremony program. It might be made sweet and cute by adding wedding colors to the booklet or even by including ribbons.

Wedding favor program:

Your wedding ceremony program also can double as a marriage favor. For instance, you might think of making the program into an attractive fan for the summer weddings.

Double-duty programs:

In case you’d like to include something different other than just text, like some flower petals or even blowing bubbles, you might consider this concept: fill a brown paper bag with flower petals which the wedding guests can use for showering the bride as well as the groom. A paper bag is definitely a unique and cute canvas for displaying the program as well.

Newspaper inspired:

It is always a good idea to experiment with a newspaper inspired wedding ceremony program on a newspaper-type print. A crossword puzzle can also be included in the program which will definitely keep the guests entertained during the ceremony.

Creating your own wedding ceremony program

  1. Outline the wedding ceremony as well as the events which are likely to occur.
  2. Choose a software application which you can utilize for making the program. A simple word processor can be used in case you don’t have a print layout program.
  3. Set the program into a landscape design. This will help to make it look like a greetings card.
  4. Type the details of names, location, as well as time and date on the program’s front cover. The inside of the program must be saved for further ceremony details. Any special thank-you’s should be included at the back of the program.
  5. Always check for any type of visual or spelling errors.
  6. Your wedding program needs to be printed using card stock. Make a decision whether to print it in black-and-white or color.
  7. Once it is printed, allow the ink to dry for several minutes and then fold the card in half.


The perfect program

After going through all these, you will be able to assert that a wedding program can easily serve several purposes, and you can have lots of fun by designing and also integrating your own personal taste in it.

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