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6 Birthday Party Themes – Parents, remember Yours? It was crap!

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One of the highlights of being a parent is making a big deal out of your kids’ birthdays by picking a theme and going all out from decorations to dessert, even though sometimes they will not remember it, or even be aware of what is happening. Case in point, the infamous and often times ridiculously extravagant 1st birthday party – which is, let’s be honest – more for the parents than it is for the celebrant who will probably be asleep for 90 percent of the party. Check out these 6 birthday party themes we wrote just for you!

Whether it is your kid asking for an awesome themed birthday party, or it is you who is just looking for something to obsess over for a month, then gloat about on the day itself, here are a few birthday party themes to guarantee you and your guests a fun-filled, memorable party.


The creators of Lego made a wise marketing move when they decided to launch a full-length movie that showcases the crazy, ultra-creative world of Lego, featuring special edition character sets. All those hyperactive kids will gladly sit down and be quiet (for the most part) just to play with Lego in a social setting. DIY giant Lego bricks for décor are a breeze, not to mention you can buy Lego moulds and make themed Jell-o!


It will be hard to find a kid that does not get super excited over being in a tent. You do not even have to take them out to the woods, because this idea will work just fine in your own backyard, or even indoors. You can make little A-shaped tents and spread different coloured yoga mats inside. Set up one of those fake bonfires with the aerated dancing cloth and get someone to do story time and jam with the kids with a guitar. Give the kids a chance to make smores, put their own trail mix together, and make simple arts and crafts reminiscent of your own days at summer camp.


You can give everyone both kids and adults a chance to turn into their favourite Peter Pan characters. They can be one of the Lost Boys with animal ears, one of the mermaids with a starfish in their hair, a pirate with a hat and an eye patch, or an Indian with a feather and face paint. You can stick Peter Pan’s shadows in different positions on the walls, and give out old school bell alarm clocks as your souvenir.


Stir the kids’ imagination and curiosity in the mysteries and wonders of outer space with candy cups or bowls filled with chocolate “moon rock” candy, Pop Rocks, and cake pops that look like planets revolving around the sun – the actual birthday cake. Let both kids and adults have a blast at a photo booth with a starry backdrop, and hand out activity kits in a backpack that looks like a jet pack, so kids can rocket around.


Not a lot of kids will be able to experience these quaint county fairs, but you can make that happen for them without breaking the bank! You will just have to put up DIY game booths (and we all know county fair games are not difficult to simulate and understand), maybe hire a cotton candy vendor for the afternoon, and string some lights around. Oh, and don’t forget those candy apples.


This theme is great fun for both kids and adults alike. You will probably want to have this party in your back and front yard, and throughout a safe neighbourhood – about half a mile around at most. A few hours before your party, you can start planting the clues all over. Get cheap flash lights from the Dollar Store, make sure each kid and parent pair draw different starting points so they don’t just copy off each other, and just come up with awesome prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize finishers.

Whatever your budget is for your child’s birthday party, there will always be ways to make it work. You can invite a few close and crafty friends over to help you with DIY needs, you can ask your mum or aunt to come over and help you bake themed desserts, or you can utilize the many online resources for cheap custom-made invites and tokens.

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